A New Gallery for AncientWorks!

Back in the 1990s, when the World Wide Web was a new and exciting territory, I joined a wonderful organization called Webgrrls which offered meetings and classes in downtown Manhattan. There I learned enough rudimentary HTML to create my first simple websites! Their lack of “bells and whistles” was more than offset by lots of links—and eyecatching colorful art!

AncientworksGallery.com was one of those early endeavors, created to showcase my growing line of “arT-shirts”—and later complementary jewelry—which featured “unique designs inspired by the petroglyphs, paintings, potter and sculpture of ancient peoples throughout the world.” Unfortunately—and mysteriously— that site has somehow disappeared from cyberspace! 

But now, seven of my original thematic prehistoric composites can be re-visited in a new gallery page right on this website. A slide show features the designs, along with their titles and their ancient origins. Be sure to visit!


The early days: (left) arT-Shirts for sale at Ocean Grove, NJ Crafts Festival, late 1990s and (right) hard at work on jewelry in NYC, circa 2004.