All Things BLUE!

BLUE graphic for vgasman-01

Creating art for a color-themed exhibit can be an artistic challenge, but coming up with ideas for Gallery35’s BLUE exhibit was a breeze! The color blue is abundant in our lexicon—blues music, a blue moon and birds with blue feet!

While all my pieces exemplify BLUE, their styles are widely divergent! 

Blue Footed Boopies, the most graphic of the three, was inspired by photographs of these amazing birds that I took during a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Their striking blue feet stand out in a stylized montage.  

Bluesy Boogie is a distortion of my drawings of musicians I have encountered in various venues and locations—blended together artistically using digital painting techniques—in an imaginary blues session. 

Blue Dog Blue Moon, a composite of photos and drawings, was inspired by my life in the New Mexican high desert, where coyotes live amongst us. The stylized coyote is based on a wood carving by another talented artist.

A long-time exhibitor and chairperson of Gallery35, I am again looking forward to my annual trip to NYC. I hope to see all my “back East” friends at the Closing Reception of BLUE on June 15th.

May 3-June 15, 2019

Closing Reception: June 15  6-8PM

30 E 35th St
New York, NY 10016