IT’S A WINNER! My design for the Zozobra T-shirt is revealed!

What is Zozobra?

AKA “Old Man Gloom, “he” is a 50-foot tall cloth behemoth stuffed with papers upon which Santa Feans have written their glooms from the past year. He is then placed at the far end of an athletic field to meet his fate as throngs of locals and visitors chant “burn him!” This is the 95th time this tradition has marked the beginning of the annual Fiestas de Santa Fe.

Zozobra head, 2015; Burn Zozobra, 2014 viewed just after I moved to Santa Fe!

How did I win?

Earlier in the summer I entered an art competition for the Seventies-themed 2019 poster and T-shirt. It was a labor of love transforming this ugly creature into a disco icon! Even after being notified that my John Travolta look-alike would be silkscreened onto the official adult T-shirt, I had to keep design top secret until the unveiling just one week before the Burning of Zozobra.

The unveiling at ZozoFest; modeling the fringed shirt!

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