During November and December, I am pleased to be showing work at the Art On Barcelona gallery in Santa Fe with my fellow artist, Ken Horst. His contemporary but primitive tribal wood carvings are a complement to my AncientWorks series—a collection inspired by the art of ancient and prehistoric peoples throughout the world.

Beginning in 1990, I began creating thematic composites of petroglyphs, paintings, pottery and sculpture for silk screened “arT-shirts”—and a related line of jewelry—to market in craft shows. Later, adding backgrounds for several of the designs, I created a new gallery series for an exhibition in New York City. For Timeless Treasures in Santa Fe, I chose to re-render twelve of the most popular designs— once again giving new life to those ancient works.

TIMELESS TREASURES: Primitive Art of Now and Long Ago
November/December 2018
Reception November 18  1:00-3:00 pm
Art On Barcelona, Santa Fe, NM