“ENCHANTED! by Santa Fe” at Art on Barcelona


April 1 – May 13, 2016
Art on Barcelona – 107 W Barcelona St in Santa Fe, NM

The ‘land of enchantment’—and ALL of the southwest—had been beckoning to me for a very long time, inspiring numerous artworks depicting the beauty I encountered on my many visits to Sedona, AZ and Silver City, NM as well as tours of the many majestic canyons of the region.

So enchanted was I with Santa Fe that I signed a lease for an apartment on the second day of my visit in May 2014—and moved here 3 months later!

I work well under pressure, and the bare walls of my new Santa Fe home—humongous to me after 20 years of cramped NYC studio apartments—propelled an artistic frenzy: in less than two years not only have I decorated my own space, but I have more than enough ‘Santa Fe art’ available for this solo show at Art on Barcelona!